over [ō′vər]
[ME ouer < OE ofer, akin to Ger über, ober < IE * uper (orig. a compar. of * upo, up) > L super, Gr hyper]
a) in, at, or to a position up from; higher than; above [a canopy over the bed, in water over his knees]
b) on top of [a blanket over the bed]
c) above, in various figurative uses [gloom hung over the town; the lecture went over our heads]
2. across and down from or down upon [to fall over a cliff, to trip over a chair]
3. while engaged in; during [we discussed it over dinner]
4. upon the surface of [spread the icing over the cake]
5. so as to cover or close [shutters over the windows]
6. upon: said as of an effect or influence [he cast a spell over them]
7. so as to show care, concern, etc. for [watching over a flock, hovering over the baby]
8. above in authority, position, power, etc. [to rule over a nation]
9. authorized or attested by [over his signature]
10. in a course leading along or across, or above and to the other side of [fly over the lake]
11. on the other side of [a city over the border]
a) here and there in [the tourists dashed over the city]
b) through all parts of [carefully going over my notes]
13. during; through [over the past ten years]
14. more than, or above, in degree, amount, number, etc. [a moderate increase over his current salary, a gift costing over five dollars]
15. up to and including; until after [stay over Easter]
16. in preference to [chose the red hat over the blue one]
17. in spite of; in successful opposition to [we did it over his objections]
18. about; concerning [a quarrel over politics]
19. through the medium of; on [over the telephone or radio]
20. Arith. divided by [6 over 3 is 2]
a) above, across, or to the other side
b) across the brim or edge
2. more; in excess; beyond [three hours or over]
3. longer or till a time later [please stay over]
4. throughout or covering the entire area [the wound healed over]
5. from start to finish; through [go over it again]
a) from an upright position [to fall over]
b) upside down; into an inverted position [turn the cup over]
7. again; another time [do it over]
8. at or on the other side, as of an intervening space, or at or to a specified place [over in England, come over here]
9. from one side, belief, viewpoint, etc. to another [they won him over]
10. from one person, etc. to another [hand over the money]: See also phrases GET OVER, (at GET), PUT OVER, (at PUT)
1. upper, outer, superior, excessive, or extra: often in combination [overcoat, overseer, oversupply]
2. done with; finished; past [his life is over]
3. having reached the other side; having got across
4. Informal as a surplus; in excess; extra [to be three hours over for the week]
1. something in addition; excess; surplus
2. Cricket
a) the set number of balls bowled during a single turn at one end of the wicket
b) the period of time during which this takes place
3. Mil. a shot that hits or explodes beyond the target
to pass above and across
1. turn the page, sheet, etc. over
2. I have finished speaking for the moment — please respond: used in radio communication
over again
again; another time; anew
over all
over the whole extent; from end to end
over and above
in addition to; more than; besides
over and over again or over and over
repeatedly; time after time

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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